To develop successful business where the international market becomes increasingly complex, marketing and public relations are more and more important.

Marketing COMEDITDeveloping a policy of internationalization requires a deep knowledge of the market in which one intends to operate, a knowledge that cannot be indirect, but must come from within the economic and social substratum of the country.

Comedit provides its members with operational support directly in the country of interest, as well as specific marketing strategies, which, in close cooperation with its external structures, assists companies in their development process.

Public relations are extremely important to implement these market strategies, and Comedit has relationships with Institutions and many reference groups; Comedit has made its own the need that all small and medium-sized companies have to access great communication, making this service available for its members.

Comedit's task, through this service, is to make known the identity, goals and interests of its members and their activities.



Comedit works successfully in the Middle East and Gulf Countries.

In Lebanon there is an important and historical representative office for the whole area.


  • Milan: Headquarters and Presidency - Via E. De Amicis 19, 20123 Milano tel. 02 36686890 – mail:
  • Beirut: Middle East office - Gray Building, 805 Pierre Helou Street – Baabda-Lebanon Tel: +961 1 37 87 05
  • Tunis: Representative Office - 12, Rue Mohamed Marzouki - 2037 - El Menzah VIII - Ariana Tunisie
  • Dormans-Champagne: Representative Office in France - 23 Rue du Docteur Moret, 51700 Dormans-Champagne Tel:+33 9 72857200 
  • Middlesbrough: Representative Office in the UK- 2 Torver Mount Nunthorpe, TS7 8PL Middlesbrough
  • Dakar: Ufficio e Delegazione in Sénégal - c/o WSAITEK SENEGAL SA Dakar Plateau, Business Center 2nd Floor Azur Building BP 50555